The Bristol Poker League
The Bristol Poker League

Welcome To The Bristol Poker League

Watched poker on the TV? Keen to try it yourself? Why not come along and play in The Bristol Poker League? The Bristol Poker League is a pub based league system that offers you the chance to play Texas Hold'em Poker for points against people from all walks of life and all age ranges.


It is TOTALLY FREE to register for the league and it won't cost you a penny to play.


Each game is "Tournament Poker" so there is one winner at every event. The winner will receive the largest quantity of points and the number will be dependent on how many started the game.


Everyone else who plays will also receive points on a sliding scale with the higher places scoring more than the lower ones, so even if you get knocked out first you will score something!


At the end of every two months, we give each pub champion a beautiful trophy with their name on, and then the qualifiers will all meet in the grand final.





Registration for the league is easy and done at each venue. Just arrive at any pub when a game is scheduled and see the person in charge.


It will take approximately two minutes to fill in your details. You will immediately be given your new membership card and all you have to do then is sign up for the evenings game and you will be ready to play!


It doesn't matter if you have never played live poker before, or if you are a seasoned casino veteran. Everyone is welcome in the league and we make sure all the games are played in a friendly fashion and everyone is made to feel at home.

The Bristol Poker League

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